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Not many people would say that Colombia would be their first choice in travelling for a vacation. It wasn't for me either. The truth is that it was time to visit Erik’s family. At this point in our relationship, we have been dating for 7 years, and it was time for me to meet the extended family.

Colombia took me by surprise. It was breathtakingly gorgeous. On our trip, we visited towns - one being Erik’s hometown of Armenia, and the other Cartagena. Both towns were different in food, culture and scenery.


Coffee is very big in Armenia, and of course, it is because grown there. Erik’s family actually owns a farm and produces coffee. Also, there are some beautiful mountains. I wish I could show you some pictures, but I lost the memory card :(. Take my word for it and google it - you will be very shocked.


Now Cartagena took me by surprise - when I stepped off the plane it was like being in Jamaica. It was so hot! Compare to Armenia where it was cooler. Cartagena is a beautiful town that has a gorgeous architecture of the colonial period. Yes, I love builds and architecture. Also, there were some really great beaches - I am talking like white sand and turquoise water. The food was great - especially the seafood, and everything was a great price. The locals were very friendly as well. I will say one thing brush up on your Spanish. Not too many people spoke English. Thank goodness for Erik and knowing his Spanish!

Overall it was a great trip and have been wanting to go back for quite some time. Maybe soon!


Amanda and Erik

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