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New York

New York

New York City - where to start… New York City is a crazy, congested, loud, crowded, and one of the most spectral metropolitan cities that I love!

We decided to go on this trip to see a concert - Panic! At The Disco. My best friend, Julia, and I have been fans of this band since we were is high school. We thought we would drive in and stay for the night, and then drive out the next day. Then I thought she has never been to New York before, we should totally have a getaway for the weekend, so we told our boyfriends and started to make plans.

We stayed in New York for 4 days, and I wanted to share some of the areas that we went to.

Empire State Building

Now I know everyone goes here, but you have to see it when you stop in New York. How can I describe it … art deco architecture always does it for me. I swear I should have been lived in the 1920’s. The view from the top is breathtaking. Even if you are afraid of heights - you got to go.

Finical District

You got to go and grab the balls of the bull. Now I think I might have lost you, but there is a bull, The Charging Bull, in the finical district of New York. The saying is that if you touch the balls it will bring you luck! So I basically grab those balls and gave it a good rub.

Westfield World Trade Center

This a really inserting spot to visit. It is a shopping center where the World Trade Center use to stand. This stark white building has the most beautiful symmetry.

China Town

You can’t go to New York without making a stop in China Town. It is massive - it goes on for blocks and blocks. I absolutely adore it - the vibrant color and signs. We had lunch at Nom Wah Tea Parlor. Really great dim sum and it was the cutest little restaurant.

Hope you enjoyed this little guide of New York City!


Amanda and Erik