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These are a few of my favourite things about the holidays ...

These are a few of my favourite things about the holidays ...

Some people might say I am a little too encaustic about the holidays. My response is why are you not? 

Let me give you a little background history. My parents separated when I was 10 years old. This made the holiday season a little bit difficult. Christmas was normally spilt up between my mom and dad, and it got harder when I started working. This never stopped me from disliking the holidays, even though I worked retail. If anything is grew my love for the holidays. 

Here are my reasons why I love the holidays!

  1. Lights - the twinkle of the lights gets me all the time. It doesn’t make the early dark nights that dark anymore. The nice thing about Toronto is that there are a lot of festivals that put on a great light show. I will tell you more about that in this post 

  2. Everyone seems to be happier and jollier. Now I don’t know if it is just me that notices it. 

  3. Traditions - I love the family traditions from when I was a kid to even the newer ones I have made with Erik and my friends. 

  4. The decorations - now if you know or live with a decorator or interior designer you know how often they like change or move things. This is my kind of excuse to change or update this without anyone saying anything. Plus I try new DIY that I find to make decorations. 

  5. Food and by that I mean cookies, cake, and chocolate. I am in the baker in my family and I love to bake. Also everyone gives chocolate and cookies - I pretty much get my fix for the rest of the year, even though there is not a much left to the year. 

  6. Parties - there is so many parties and with parties that means dressing up.

  7. Gift giving as much as I love receiving them - I love to give. The thing about me is that I try to make people happy, and I try to do everything in my power to make them happy. I am a people pleaser :)

  8. Snow - ok now I know everyone is not a big fan, but around Christmas it is the best. I always like having a white Christmas. Makes the holidays feel complete and magical. 

  9. Carollers - I am not good singer, but I will still try to belt it out for the holidays. I have my favourite songs that I like to listen to. This might seem crazy I even have a play list planned of my favourites. 

  10. Shopping - love to seek out deals and finds, but the true reason for the loving shopping during the holiday season is the window display. Every store tries to make these big grand windows and I love it. My favourite are the ones are Hudson Bay and Saks in the Toronto Eaton Centre. The always put on a magical and spectral display

What are some of the reasons why you love the holidays? I would love to hear them!



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