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Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree

It is that time of the year - CHRISTMAS! By far my most enjoyable time of year. With all the holly and jolly feeling that come with the season, my most favourite part is decorating our place for the holiday season. I recently just put up my tree and I thought I give you all some of my tips and tricks that I have learned over time. This also comes with a little story, so here it is; I use to work in a company that I merchandise in. I learned a lot of tree decorating from a professional - an actual person that made their living by decorating Christmas trees as a full time job. The owner of the company I worked for would hire this professional come in to help me merchandise all the holiday decorations. From this I learned to how to properly decorate a Christmas tree - that I am passing along to you.

  1. Get the biggest and widest ribbon you can find - mesh works really well. It is a cheaper alternative to filling in holes in your tree. 

  2. Put the extra sticks in your tree. They normally have snow or glitter on them. I highly recommend getting a bunch of those - remember to get them in odd numbers. They add an extra layer onto the tree. I know it doesn’t seem like much but really look good. You just lay it on top of the breaches and viola there you go. 

  3. The round ornaments that you buy in the big packages that are shatterproof. Put those on the inside of your tree. You want to put the better ornaments at the front of the tree - you know the special family ones. 

  4. If you want to do some different with the top of the tree - besides putting an angel or star, or maybe have short ceilings like me. I recommend putting the a variety of sticks on the top like a crown. I would with ones that are straight, don’t dangle, and have a different element to them like balls.  

  5. My finial piece of advice - you don’t have to spend a lot on a tree skirt. I put a normally put a blanket or a piece of felt fabric. I drape it over the base of my tree, and it takes to the shape. I don’t want to invest the $30 or $40 in a tree skirt when normally it always get covered up. 

This are my tips and tricks for decorating my tree. I hope they help you as they did for me. Let me know any of your tips! 



Happy Friendsgiving!

Happy Friendsgiving!